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    ? Congratulations to 44 sales consultant (SC) who have been selected in ⭐️SHINING STAR CLUB ⭐️

    ? They are carefully selected by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia based on their sales and good service to customer.

    ? From 44 Best SC, 11 SC are from Kah Classic Auto Sdn Bhd
    (3x Gold Award & 8x Silver Award)
    ????????? ??

    Malaysia’s Top Sales @ Mitsubishi Jln Ipoh KL
    ? 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 ?

    ☎️ Kindly contact 0362592888
    ☎️ WhatsApp:

    ? WAZE Search: Wisma Kah Motor
    ? WAZE Map:
    ? Google Map:


    J.D. Power 2018 Malaysia Customer Service Index

    Mitsubishi ranks Number One in Malaysia

    Mitsubishi has the higher Customer Service Index rating in Malaysia where

    Among the eight brands ranked in this year’s study, Mitsubishi ranks highest across all factors, with an overall score of 814.


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